The Greenwich Realty Professional Designation (GRP) was created to help distinguish members that go above and beyond to elevate their expertise through educational and community involvement opportunities in order to provide the highest quality service in the Greenwich, Connecticut market. Having this designation demonstrates a desire to be held to the highest standard of professionalism and utmost competence of the local market.

Value/Benefit to Members

  • Elevate your professionalism and lead by example through ethical practices.
  • Enhance your community competency to promote Greenwich’s unique market.

Eligibility Criteria

  • 5 Transactions the prior 2 years in the Town of Greenwich as recognized in GMLS Listing Data (Reporting Purposes Only Listings will not count.)
  • Take the the ‘Know Your Town Questionnaire’ (on-line) and pass with minimum 75% score
  • 3 Years of good standing as a GAR Member and/or GMLS Subscriber (No Code of Ethics Violations)
  • Completion of at least 10 qualifying activities in the prior two years.

Qualifying Activities

Each applicant must have at least 10 qualifying activities, with a minimum of 1 activity per category:

  • Serving on the Board of Directors
  • Serving on a GAR Committee
  • Serving on a GAR/GMLS Task Force
  • Serving on a Town of Greenwich Department or Commission
  • Inducted into the Greenwich REALTORS® Hall of Fame
  • Recipient of the Greenwich REALTOR® of the Year Award
  • Member or volunteer of Greenwich organizations, such as neighborhood associations, PTA, RTM, Call-a-Ride, Greenwich Historical Society, Kids in Crisis, Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, Neighbor to Neighbor, United Way, etc. Applicants have a responsibility to demonstrate participation in outside organizations.
  • History of the Homes in Greenwich
  • Zoning: Impact on Real Estate
  • Real Estate A to Z
  • Code of Ethics
  • Professional Standards Training
  • GAR Affiliate Hosted Education, Training or Event
  • GAR Committee Hosted Event (International Day, Attorney Panel, etc.)
  • CTR or NAR Designation
  • Attending NAR Annual Convention or Classes
  • Attend GMLS Hosted MLS Training
  • 1-1 or Group Training with GMLS Staff
  • GMLS New Member Orientation (Available to all members. Most up to date training on MLS Tools and Policies)
  • Participation in a legislative or advocacy focused event (Candidate Forum, RPAC Fundraiser, REALTORS® at the Capitol, etc.)
  • Contributor as an RPAC Major Investor ($1000+ to RPAC or the CTR Issues Advocacy Fund)
  • Attend a GAR Membership Event (Picnic, Holiday Party, etc.)

Applying for the GRP Designation

  • Agents or Brokers seeking the designation will complete an application to share information about qualifying activities. All GAR & GMLS qualifying activities will be verified through organization records. The applicant will be required to provide proof of participation of qualifying activities outside of the GAR & GMLS organizations.
  • Complete the application certifying that you meet the criteria, and have met the minimum requirements for qualifying activities.
  • Applications may be submitted on a rolling basis.

Apply Now

Maintaining the GRP Designation for life

Once an agent has obtained the GRP Designation, annual renewal will be awarded for participating in a minimum of five (5) qualifying activities in the year post GRP Designation. Qualifying activities for renewal will be identified in the event, course, or call to action descriptions as they are scheduled.

  • If a designee qualifies for renewal based on records maintained by GAR & GMLS alone, renewal will automatically be initiated by the organization. If a designee wishes to include qualifying activities from an outside organization, the designee must provide supporting documentation for renewal.
  • Disclaimer: GAR/GMLS reserves the right to amend requirements and qualifications.