Awards and Recognition

Our members are always doing great things, and we love to recognize them for their contributions to our profession and community.

GAR REALTOR® of the Year

John Mcatee Roty 2021


John McAtee

Selection Criteria

Those being considered:

  1. Membership in the Greenwich Association of REALTORS for a minimum of five years.
  2. Must be a Broker or associated with a member firm.
  3. Participant in Association events or activities
  4. Displays an outstanding interest in other Realtors and sets an example in dealing with other members and clients.
  5. Must be involved with our local Association, their committees and/or Board of Directors membership. Attending REALTOR Day at the Capitol, Contributing to RPAC, attending local and national meetings and conferences will be considered.
  6. Involvement in town activities such as RTM, association boards and leadership as an outstanding citizen.
  7. Displays unquestionable integrity and ethics and is a role model in our profession without seeking self promotion.
Previous Winners
2020Maria Ruggeberg
2019Lee Prince
2018BK Bates
2017Barbara Hindman
2016Julianne Ward
2015George Cain
2014 Barb McKee
2013Bryan Tunney
2012Alice Duff
2011Douglas Stevens
2010Danielle Claroni
2009Nancy Healy
2008Sally Parris
2007Paul Pugliese
2006R. Michael Dunne
2005Tom Gorin
2004Bradley Hvolbeck
2003Linda Hodge
2002Robert Jensen
2001Mary Jane Frost
2000Maureen King
1999Marion Nolan
1998Jean Crocco
1997Russell Pruner
1996Barbara Hopkins

GAR Hall of Fame

David Ogilvy Rhof 2020


David Ogilvy

Selection Criteria

Those being considered:

  1. Must be a Realtor or Realtor Associate who has been active with the Greenwich Association of Realtors for a minimum of twenty years.
  2. Nominee must be held in respect by peers and the community at large for possessing and exhibiting the highest ethical standards, integrity and professionalism.
  3. Nominee must have chaired or served an aggregate of five years or more on an active committee with one or more of the following: The Greenwich Association of Realtors, the Connecticut Association of Realtors, and/or the National Association of Realtors.
  4. Nominee must have donated five years or more of volunteer service to the community and/or local or state government by participating in endeavors that are recognized to be for the public benefit.

Note: The Awards Committee has the jurisdiction to ameliorate any of the criteria they deem worthy for this award, as approved by the Board of Directors.

Previous Inductees
2019Alice Duff
2015Sally Parris
2014Nancy Healy
2013Paul Pugliese
2011Carolyn Anderson
2010Tom Gorin
2009R. Michael Dunne
2008Sally O’Brien
2007June Peters
2006Betty Moger
2006Bradley Hvolbeck
2005Linda Hodge
2005Mary Jane Frost
2005Jean Crocco
2004Bobbie Shannon
2001Barbara Hopkins
2000Dot Wood
2000Bob Curtis
1999June Curley
1999 Marge Rowe
1999Katie Favor
1998Betty Hinckley
1998Jane Newhall
1998Edward Ives
1998Jack Carrott

GAR Past Presidents

2019-2021John McAtee
2017-2018BK Bates
2015-2016Joann Erb
2012-2014Barb McKee
2010-2011Douglas Stevens
2007Carolyn Anderson
2000-2001Mary Jane Frost
1999, 2008-2009Nancy Healy
1998Sue Hughes
1994-1996, 2004-2006Russell Pruner
1989-1990, 1997Jean Crocco
1987-1988, 1993Tom Gorin
1982-1986, 1991-1992, 2002-2003Bradley Hvolbeck
1981-1982David Ogilvy
1978-1979Joseph P. Hunt
1976-1977Roger Walz
1972-1973Dorothy Wood
1970-1971, 1980Robert S. Curtis
1968-1969Henry P. Imbres
1966-1967Joseph S. Wilcox, Jr.
1964-1965Jane Newhall
1962-1963Carl Wold
1960-1961J. Kirwan
1956-1957, 1974-1975John Carrott
1950-1951A. Porter Waterman
1948-1949J. Carlisle Peet
1944-1945Julian L. Diaz
1940-1941, 1952-1953Edward C. Ives
1938-1939, 1946-1947, 1958-1959Thomas H. Raynor
1937, 1942-1943, 1954-1955Lee Andrews
1931, 1934Henry C. Banks
1930Harry C. Frost
1929George S. Baldwin
1928, 1935Edward L. Tracy
1927W.E. Chrichton
1926Marshall C. Allaben
1924-1925, 1936Thomas N. Cooke