Tax-Reduction Strategies for the Real Estate Professional (Updated Seminar)

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Friday, Apr 30, 2021
10:00AM - 12:30PM

Don’t let the NEW 2021 Tax DEDUCTIONS pass you by!

Tax Reduction Strategies for the Real Estate Professional-Remote hosted by Maine Shafer of Bradford Tax Solutions, is specifically designed for the Real Estate Agent as a businessperson. This training provides Real Estate Professionals with specific key strategies that will save them time, money, and help them work with their tax professionals more efficiently and effectively. By understanding their options throughout the year and having the correct supporting documentation, they will have the necessary tools to solidify their optimized benefits when they meet with their tax professionals. The information we provide arms them with the best business practices regarding the tax-side of their business.


Here’s some of what you’ll learn: CHANGES in your 2021 Tax Deductions and why your accountant can't "just take" the new deductions for you, WHY New COVID-19 Law reinforces the need to claim all business tax deductions, always!, WHY you may want to buy a new or pre-owned car sooner than you think...the great new "makeover" of the CAR DEDUCTION rules you will want to take advantage of!, HOW TO deduct all of your FAMILY'S MEDICAL COSTS-even dental-as a BUSINESS expense!, HOW to safely qualify your home office for big tax deductions, even if you spend most of your office time at a professional office-one of the most important deductions of 2021!, THE New...and and beverage deduction for the Real Estate professional that you probably don't know about.

After this seminar, you will have what you need to bring to your tax accountant so you can keep more of your hard-earned income this year and beyond!

Friday, April 30th | 10:00AM

Virtual session via Zoom 

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