Stay Up to Date and Tune in to WGCH News Talk: Week of June 10th

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Interview with State Representative Rachel Khanna

:30-1:40  D-Day (she was born in France)

1:40-3:10  Legislative session

3:10-4:25  Credit rating up in Connecticut

4:25-6:00  Fiscal guardrails

Interview with Patrick LaRow | Greenwich Planning & Zoning

:25-:50  46 Carriglea Drive...approved, with conditions

:50-1:25  31 Prospect Street...left open

1:25-2:10  Central Middle site plan and special permit

2:10-2:35  103 Mason St...left open

2:35-3:15  32 Field Point Road

3:15-3:20  Putnam Indian Field School...postponed

3:20-4:30  6 Neil Lane

4:30-5:15  68 Dearfield Road...left open

5:15-5:50  76 Khakum Wood Road..approved, with conditions

5:50-6:55  Berkley Insurance Company...pre application

6:55-7:30  Sage & Sound...pre application

7:30-8:20  Burning Tree Country Club...pre application

8:20-9:20  Why dissenting vote on Central Middle School

9:20-10:40 Next meeting June 25

Interview with State Representative Stephen Meskers

:25-1:05  Seeking another term

1:05-1:35  Reforming contaminated and abandoned buildings, mainly in
inner cities

1:35-2:25  Boys and Girls Club tour with Senator Chris Murphy

2:25-3:10  I-95 work near NY state border

3:10-4:20  RTM meeting this past Monday..board of health vote

4:20-6:10  Next session..Mystic Aquarium

6:10-7:00 Governor Veto of striking workers bill