Stay Up to Date and Tune in to WGCH News Talk: Week of April 28th

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Interview with Patrick LaRow | Greenwich Planing & Zoning

:40-1:15  98 Strickland Road..DPW municipal improvement..approved

1:15-4:35  Benedict Court/Place...left at next June 14

4:35-7:00  Central Middle School final site plan and special
permit..left open...back in the next 3-4 weeks

7:00-8:15  J-House..ourdoor dining..closed, but no vote.  Next meeting

8:15-10:40  25-27 Oak Ridge at next meeting

10:40-12:45  St. Catherine of Siena zoning map amendment..denied because
zoning scheme did not work.

12:45-14:30  32 Field Point Road..change in zoning request..will come
back at a future meeting

14:30-14:35  68 Dearfield Rd...postponed

14:35-15:40  31 St. Roch Ave...pre-application

15:40-16:40  Next meeting...May 14..J-House..Julian Curtiss..17
Hemlock..103 Mason

Interview with State Representative Rachel Khanna

1:00-2:20  Nursing and social worker compacts to allow these workers to
work in other states

2:20-3:25  House Bill on hunger and food insecurity (she used to work as
a chef!)

3:25-4:30  House bill on climate

4:30-5:40  More on compacts

5:40-6:25  Overview of legislative session that ends May 8