Stay Up to Date and Tune in to WGCH News Talk: Week of March 25th

Am1490 Wgch News Talk

Interview with State Senator Ryan Fazio

:30-2:00     Licensing fees for workers in the state

2:00-4:25    Economic growth/jobs

4:25-5:00   Re-election?

5:00-7:20  Energy costs

:35-3:35  Historic District designation for 243 East Putnam Ave

3:35-4:20  Brunswick School...approved

4:20-6:05  Oak Ridge Street...left open

6:05-7:05  Greenwich Country Day School....left open

7:05-7:45  St. Catherine/St. Agnes parishes..left open

7:45-8:35  32 Field Point Road...left open

8:35-8:40  Meadowcroft Lane...postponed

8:40-10:15  Lighting regulations for P and Z...adopted

10:15-11:15  Pemberwick Road...pre-application

11:15-12:25  Old Greenwich Village District..pre-application

12:25-13:25  Upcoming meeting schedule.

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