Stay Up to Date and Tune in to WGCH News Talk: Week of February 19th

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Interview with Patrick LaRow | Greenwich Planing & Zoning

:25-:50  31 Prospect St....left open

:50-1:40  Brunswick School...approved

1:40-2:40  25&27 Oak Ridge St....left open

2:40-3:00  22 Gerry St...approved with conditions

3:00-3:50  1114 East Putnam Ave...J-House..outdoor dining..left open

3:50-4:30  6 Khakum Dr...approved with conditions

4:30-5:15  Next meeting March 5...Greenwich Country Day School...Central
Middle School on agenda

5:15-8:05  Comments on outdoor dining guidelines approved by Board of
Selectmen this week