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Interview with Patrick LaRow | Greenwich Planning & Zoning

:35-:50  137 Doubling Road...approved

:50-1:15  530 Round Hill Road..approved

1:15-2:45  Central Middle School Municipal Improvement..approved

2:45-3:30  Demolition of school...approved

3:30-3:55  Sunshine Avenue...approved

3:55-4:35  Whitby School...approved..with conditions

4:35-6:15  Greenwich American..former American Can site..left open

6:15-7:30  21 Glenville Street..former Stop and Shop..boundary plan back next month

7:30-8:15  547 North Street...approved

8:15-9:45  Benedict Court..pre-application.

9:45-11:35  Hillside Road, Putnam Ave, Brookridge Drive..pre-application

11:35-13:40  Next Meeting Nov. 2 Hamill Rink also

Interview with State Senator Fazio

:30-1:15  Fazio at school board meeting tonight to honor Chairman Joe

1:15-5:15  AVANGRID backing out of solar power deal with Connecticut

5:15-7:55  Electric car mandate by 2035

Real Estate Report | September 2023