Stay Up to Date and Tune in to WGCH News Talk: Week of February 20th

Am1490 Wgch News Talk

Interview with State Representative Hector Arzeno

:45-2:55  First vote in the house on Feb. 9

2:55-4:55  Progress of bills sponsored or introduced?

4:55-8:35  Housing Affordability

Interview with Patric LaRow | Greenwich Planning & Zoning

:30-4:15  De-segregate CT proposal on transit-oriented housing

4:15-6:10 Settlement between P and Z and Greenwich Communities.  Judge
still has to sign off.

6:10-7:40  1 Cary Road (Samuel Ferris House)...historic property designation

7:40-7:50  204 Otter Rock Drive...postponed

7:50-8:40  Arnold Foods Company...accepted

8:40-9:40  Railroad Plaza...application closed

9:40-9:50  420 Field Point Road...postponed

9:50-10:35  45 Burying Hill Road...left open

10:35-12:10 Zoning Text Amendment on Electric Vehicle Charging
Stations...tweaked language and approved

12:10-13:40  Next Meeting March 7...