Stay Up to Date and Tune in to WGCH News Talk: Week of February 6th

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Interview with Patrick LaRow | Greenwich Planning & Zoning

:25-1:10  Julian Curtiss School cooling tower...approved

1:10-1:55  Walgreen trash enclosure....1333 East Putnam Avenue...approved

1:55-2:10  220 Davis Avenue...approved

2:10-3:10  45 Burying Hill Road...left open

3:10-4:25  Zoning Text Amendment...Electric Vehicle Off-Street Parking
Requirement...will come back

4:25-4:50  25 Homestead Lane..pre-application

4:50-5:50  51-69 Dearfield Drive...pre-application

5:50-7:35  Next meeting 2/22.

Interview with State Representative Stephen Meskers

:30-1:30  Budget address reaction

1:30-2:30  What's in it for Greenwich residents?

2:30-4:25  Work as Commerce Committee Chairman

4:25-6:35  Voting proposal