Stay Up to Date and Tune in to WGCH News Talk: Week of July 18th

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Interview with Katie DeLuca | Greenwich Planning & Zoning

:25-1:40  Municipal improvement for Greenwich Avenue bump outs.  Left open

1:40-2:00 17 Livingston Place...approved

2:00-2:35  Glenville Pizza...outdoor dining..left open  because of
parking issues

2:35-3:20 100 West Putnam Avenue (old UST building)  left open..go
back to Architectural Review Committee

3:20-3:30  206 Overlook Drive...approved

3:30-3:45  486 North Street...moved along

3:45-4:35  KYMA application...closed..65 days to decide

4:35-5:00  240 Greenwich Avenue...left open

5:00-5:15  Millbrook Club...61 Woodside Drive..approved

5:15-5:45  Pre-application...1 American Lane...proposal reduced from
456 units to 350..discussion

5:45-6:45  Draft Resolution to opt-out of Connecticut Public Act 21-29
on Accessory Dwelling Units..sent to RTM

6:45-7:25  Next meeting August 2

Real Estate Report | GAR 2022 President, Bryan Tunney & GAR EVP, Stacey Loh

Interview with State Senator Fazio

:45-2:20  Recap of last month's tax cut rally

2:20-3:30  Diesel tax increase

3:30-5:50  20-percent increase in health insurance rates

5:50-7:50  Attempted mugging on Greenwich Avenue this week