Stay Up to Date and Tune in to WGCH News Talk: Week of May 9th

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Interview with Katie DeLuca | Greenwich Planning & Zoning

:15-2:45   Boys and Girls Club lease at Horseneck

2:45-3:00  207 Byram Road...approved

3:00-4:05  26 Homestead Lane...denied

4:05-4:45  Arnold Bakery...left open

4:45-4:50  65 Upper Cross Road...postponed

4:50-5:50  Zoning text amendment on energy efficiency...approved

5:50-7:00  Affordable housing plan...approved

7:00-8:30  Greenwich Hospital...pre-application...Smilow Cancer Center

8:30-9:10  4 Orchard Street...revise plans

9:10-10:55  WestCOG Riparian Corridor Zoning Protections Project

10:55-11:55 Next Meeting May 24

Interview with State Representative Meskers

:50-4:10  Budget debt paydown

4:10-4:40 Juneteenth Holiday

4:40-5:10  Roe v Wade state legislation

5:10-6:50  Importation of prescription drugs from Canada...failed to pass

6:50-7:53  June 17 meeting with town and state DOT on I-95 updgrades