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Interview with Katie DeLuca | Greenwich Planning & Zoning

Good Morning Victoria!!  Here is my interview with Katie DeLuca from
this morning.  Have a great day!

:20-1:50 National Audubon Society tents...approved..but only through
June, not until October 31

1;50-2:20  207 Byram Shore Road..left open

2:20-2:30  44 Cutler Road...approved

2:30-4:40  Pre-application...former American Can site...housing development

4:40-5:55  pre-application...177 Hamilton Avenue..8-30g

5:55-7:30  pre-application....112 South Water Street..Connecticut Natural Gas

7:30-8:25  pre-application...146-148 Sound Beach Ave...outdoor dining

8:25-9:25  Mead Point...approved

9:25-11:30 1141 King site plan..text amendment,
etc...all approved

11:30-12:20  Draft agreement on affordable housing...voted on at May
10 meeting

12:20-13:30  May 10 meeting...

Interview with State Representative Arora

0:45-1:55  Session

1:55-3:30  Important bills..including SEBAC union agreement

3:30-4:15  Access to children's health services legislation

4:15-4:55  Addressing opioid epidemic

4:55-6:35  Budget/tax cuts worked out in budget adjustment

6:35-7:35  Will session end on time May 4th?