Stay Up to Date and Tune in to WGCH News Talk: Week of December 6th

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Interview with Katie DeLuca | Greenwich Planning & Zoning

:30-1:20 Pre-application...Greenwich Preservation Trust..Thomas Lyons House

1:20-2:00  Pre-application...Dorothy Hamill Rink

2:00-3:25 17 Bryon Road..left open..controversial and complex

3:25-3:35  89 Indian Field Road..approved

3;35-4:35  Greenwich High School entrance security enhancement...left open

4:35-5:25  Chabad Lubavitch of Greenwich...left open

5;25-5:30  Round Hill Club..postponed

5:30-5:40  2 Crown Land..approved

5;40-5:55  112 Indian head Rd...approved

5;55-6:35  9-11 South Water Street..approved

6:35-7:35  Next Meeting Dec. 21

7:35-8:31  Affordable Housing Trust Fund back before Board of
Selectmen Thursday

Interview with State Representative Meskers

:35-2:20  Next session...improved financial
performance...budget...state reform with many state employee retirements

2:20-2:50  infrastructure it impacts Greenwich

2:50-3:40 I-95 noise mitigation

3:40-6:15 Infrastructure coming to Greenwich RTM

6:15-7:00 Committees in new session?