Stay Up to Date and Tune in to WGCH News Talk: Week of September 30th

:20-2:10  Reaction to Governor’s plan to make marijuana legalization a
major part of the upcoming session
2:10-3:25  Minimum Wage increase taking effect Oct. 1
3:25-5:11  Anything happening with tolls?
0:00-6:50  Train Station
6:50-7:58  Next meeting
:20-1:00  Bonding Bill
1:00-2:45  “Build For America” Transportation plan
2:45-3:35  4 Month Ban On Vaping Proposed
3:35-4:20  Wright Tech-Trinity Catholic co-op football
4:20-5:30  New Laws Taking Effect October 1
5:30-5:50 David Theis Award to Peter and Bea Crumbine tonight
5:50-6:30  Special Session?
6:30-7:35  Marijuana Bill Pushed By Gov Lamont
Deputy Director of Planning and Zoning Pat La Row filling in for Katie….
:25-1:35  63 Oak Ridge Street…affordable housing…left open
1:35-3:00  16 and 0 Lakeview Drive…left open
3:00-4:10  249 Valley Road…sub division of 1 parcel into
2….Wetlands and ZBA approval needed
4:10-5:30  62 Mason Street…moderate income housing…will be back Oct. 15
5:30-6:05  40 West Elm Street…convert residential unit to
acupuncturist practice..approved
6:05-7:55  77 Sherwood Avenue…approved
7:55-8:35  Next meeting Oct. 15
8:35-9:10  Latest on Plan of Conservation and Development
9:10-10:13  Greenwich Plaza tentatively scheduled for Oct. 29 meeting