Stay Up to Date and Tune in to WGCH News Talk: Week of September 16th

:20-1:10  75 Holly Hill Lane…conversion to day care center..left open
1:10-2:20  561 West Putnam Ave…Riverside Towing…left open..waiting
for Zoning Board of Appeals to weigh in
2:20-2:40  28 Windrose Way..combining two parcels…approved
2:40-3:35 11 Chateau Ridge of Vincent Caputo…approved
3:35-3:40 30 Crown Lane..0 Meeting House Road..merging two parcels..approved
3:40-4:15  Discussion of signage at Shreve, Crump and Low
4:15-4:30 241 Hamilton Ave and 63 Oak Ridge Street postponed
4:30-4:40  Train station to be taken up at September 26 meeting
(special meeting)
4:40-5:35  POCD workshop at GHS September 19
5:35-6:40 October 1 meeting…241 Hamilton Ave…63 Oak Ridge Street
among others..
0:00-1:30  POCD workshop…intro, etc
1:30-3:00  Feedback was generally positive
3:00-3:50  Shout out to GAR!!!
3:50-4:40  POCD every 2 years instead of 10?
4:40-7:40  Next step?
7:40-10:12  Next P&Z meeting on Sept. 26 will be about the train station
Here is my interview with State Senator Alexandra Bergstein.  It
really only focused on the controversial grocery tax
:45-5:00  Grocery tax
5:00-6:45  Talks a bit about her support for a full-time legislature,
plus tolls and other issues