Stay Up to Date and Tune in to WGCH News Talk: Week of May 17th

0:00-1:00     17 Bryon Road application..controversial..withdrawn
1:00-1:20     122 Cedar Cliff Road…left open
1:20-2:00     North Water Street restaurant..outdoor dining..left open
2:00-2:55     Pumping station at Havemeyer near Hyatt Regency..left open
2:55-3:00     Calabrese 16 Lakeview…postponed
3:00-3:25     Greenwich Country Day school..focused on traffic..left open
3:25-4:05     19 West…increase seating…left open
4:05-5:00     Rowing Club at 89 River Road..left open..but some
hurdles cleared
5:00-5:40     10 Sherwood Avenue…rain gardens…left open
5:40-6:20     May 30th meeting…Greenwich Reform Synagogue…Miller
Motorcars..Mavis Tire
6:20-7:20      June 11th Meeting…Palmer Island Subdivision…55 Arch
Street…107 Patterson Avenue
7:20-8:20     Katie speaking about the POCD at Greenwich Chamber of
Commerce May 21
0:00-2:55  Student Loan Deb Relief Legislation
2:55-3:55   CT Green Bank legislation
3:55-6:00   Tolls
6:00-6:55  Merritt Parkway tolls?