Stay Up to Date and Tune in to WGCH News Talk: Week of March 18th

John McAtee, GAR 2019 President & Stacey Loh, GAR EVP

Electronic tolling – Her support, why they are a good idea

0:00-1:45  143 Sound Beach Ave.  Had been rejected, then lawsuit, now
settled and approved
1:45-2:15  500-600 West Putnam Avenue  closed.  No decision
2:15-2:35  Stanwich School/Greenwich Country Day School   left open
2:35-2:45  74 Byram Terrace approved
2:45-4:45  WR Berkley  approved
4:45-4:55  BEX-50 zone  1 American Lane  approved
4:55-5:15  new members
5:15-5:35  Next meeting April 2
5:35-6:00  Greenwich Hospital renovations
6:00-6:51  Greenwich Academy withdrawn…on next meeting