Stay Up to Date and Tune in to WGCH News Talk: Week of July 8th

:20-4:20  Train station proposal, P and Z involvement, etc
4:20-5:00  16 Lakeview Drive  continued
5:00-5:25  29 Davenport Avenue   left open
5:25-5:46  249 Valley Road   left open
5:46-6:50  62 Byram Terrace Drive..”set-aside development”…approved
6:50-7:15  63 Oak Ridge Street/ 241 Hamilton Avenue…separate
applications..but similar….both left open
7:15-7:55  Greenwich Reform Synagogue “commissioners perturbed”
application withdrawn
7:55-8:30  107 Patterson Avenue  left open sewer issue
8:30-9:00  Miller Motor Cars  approved
9:00-9:53  Next Meeting July 23…Havemeyer Lane Pumping
Station…Palmer Island (subdivision and site plan)…55 Arch Street
(historic overlay)
1:00-3:00 Greenwich Transportation Center plan unveiled this week
3:00-4:20  Exit 2 in Byram..overpasses
4:50-6:15  Special session..but NOT on tolls