Stay Up to Date and Tune in to WGCH News Talk: Week of January 7th

:20-2:25 Greenwich Academy  left open
2:25-2:30  Turner Drive  approved
2:30-3:20 Byram Terrace Drive cease and desist   left open
3:20-3:22 Salon Greenwich  left open
3:22-3:25 370 Sound Beach Avenue left open
3:25-3:30 Round Hill Club  approved
3:30-4:00 Lincoln of Greenwich   approved
4:00-5:10 Text Amendment UB zones   left open
5:10-5:20  Parker Stacy medical office on Kinsman Lane  left open
5:20-5:30  300 Valley Road  left open
5:30-5:40  Old Greenwich Social Club   approved
5:40-6:00  Greenwich Hospital  withdrawn
6:00-8:10  Next Meeting Jan. 22  Waterfront Business Zone regulations;
500-600 West Putnam Avenue; Coastal homes; St Michael’s Church; Stanwich
Club; possibly Chabad of Lubavitch
:30-2:25  New Session/thoughts on Lamont
2:25-2:40  Committee assignments
2:40-3:35  Here legislative priorities
3:35-5:10  Tolls, Sports gaming, and more