Stay Up to Date and Tune in to WGCH News Talk: Week of January 21st

:20-:40 Greenwich Academy – closed
:40-1:00 Lot confirmation 57 Sundance Road — left open
1:00-1:05  8 Eggleston Lane approved
1:05-1:35 River Road Approved “exciting application”
1:35-1:40  John Street approved
1:40-2:40  Waterfront Business Zone (WB) amendment change — approved
2:40-2:55  Amendment changes for logos and theaters — approved
2:55-3:05  Chadbad Lubavitch of Greenwich — no action
3:05-3:30 RTM approved Dave Hardman to the P and Z
3:30-4:30 St. Michael’s/St. Timothy left open
4:30-4:55  Stanwich Club  left open
4:55-5:13  Reason for Chabad delay…will be taken up Feb. 21 meeting
5:13-6:00  Feb. 5 meeting will include Greenwich Academy and 500-600 West
Putnam Avenue
6:00-6:10  105 Prospect Street  approved
:30-1:45  Bills he’s submitted on voter data privacy
1:45-2:55  Impressions of session so far
2:55-6:30 Issues like tolls, recreational marijuana, early voting
6:30-7:40  If not tolls, what’s the alternative?