Stay Up to Date and Tune in to WGCH News Talk: Week of February 10th

:40-1:00 244 Mill Street…approved with modifications

1:00-2:10  2nd Congregational Church…closed, but no vote

2:10-3:00 59 East Putnam Avenue…left open to Feb. 25 meeting

3:00-3:30  276 Lake Avenue..The Field Club of Greenwich..approved with

3:30-4:00  240 Greenwich Avenue…approved

4:00-5:15 1205 East Putnam Avenue…closed

5:15-7:25  Next Meeting…Feb. 25…includes 2nd Congregational
Church…Pre-Applications…21 Calhoun Drive..Greenwich Country Day
School fields…Greenwich Academy


:40-:50 Open of Legislative Session

:50-1:55 Governor’s State of the State Address

1:55-3:55  Thoughts about the session

3:55-4:40  Bonding for Hill House and Greenwich Hospital

4:40-5:00 Thoughts on new State Rep Harry Arora of Greenwich

5:00-5:20 Budget adjustments during short session

5:20-5:50  Committee Assignments


:40-1:35 Session

1:35-2:15  Women’s suffrage 100th anniversary-Greenwich United Way
Grants Program

2:15-3:10  Probate Coourt and Homeowners Deed legislation

3:10-4:15  Property Tax Delinquency @ 19%….legislation to lower that.

4:15-6:45  Waste Disposal Costs..tying in to “pay as you throw”

6:45-8:00 Insulin costs

8:008:20  Committee Assignments