Stay Up to Date and Tune in to WGCH News Talk: Week of February 4th

:20-4:30  Greenwich Academy  left open
4:30-6:15  500-600 West Putnam Avenue  left open
6:15-6:40  Vineyard Lane…Smith Road..left open
6:40-7:55  Next meeting Feb. 21
7:55-8:40  Next up for Greenwich Academy/ West Putnam Avenue?
8:40-9:30  POCD update
0:00-1:45  Peter Tesei’s legacy as First Selectman
1:45-2:45 Tax proposals
2:45-3:30 Legislative proposal for health insurance public option
3:30-5:05  CT Reusable Bag Alliance with news conference in Westport Feb. 9
5:05 5:40  Gov. Lamont appointed Economic and Community Development
leaders from Greenwich
5:40-6:35  Democrats apparently drop ides for tolls and recreational
6:35-7:10  Lamont drops grocery tax idea
7:10-8:37  Lots of bills in the cue for legislature