Stay Up to Date and Tune in to WGCH News Talk: Week of August 5th

:15-2:00 Palmer Island approved (at last)
2:00-2:35  7 Fairway Lane approved (sub-division of 2.8 acres)
2:35-4:05  62 Mason Street (moderate income)  left open
4:05-4:30 292 Delvavan Avenue approved Renovation of two family home
with additions
4:30-5:20  55 Arch Street approved   Historic overlay
5:20-6:35  Zoning Text Amendment approved…deletion of P Zone
6:35-8:20  Release of draft Plan of Conservation and Development
(POCD) late this week or early next week
8:20-10:20  Next meeting September 4  249 Valley Road, 403 Sound Beach
Ave, Clapboard Ridge Road, 63 Oak Ridge Street, 241 Hamilton Ave, 40
West Elm Street, 12 Indian Drive
:57-1:50  State Sales Tax-Free Week August 18-24
1:50-3:00 Local Elections
3:00-3:50 St. Roch’s festival underway
3:50-5:00 Overpass of I-95 at Exit 2…clear-cutting and sound barriers
5:00-7:42  Millstone Nuclear Power Plant tour….wind power