Stay Up to Date and Tune in to WGCH News Talk: Week of April 1st

0:00-:20 Greenwich Academy — approved
0:20-1:05 500-600 West Putnam Ave. moved to final
1:05-1:40  Balducci’s Market outdoor dining application…left open
1:40-2:15 Dublin Hill Road subdivision….converted to preliminary and
left open
2:15-5:15  Bryon Road demolition and rebuild..”seems innocuous” but
neighborhood opposition…left open
5:15-6:03 Greenwich Reform Synagogue..clarification of approval
condition for pre-school..left open
6:03-6:17  Greenwich Library renovation project…left open
6:17-6:33  Sherwood Farms…left discussion
6:33-6:50  Sabine Farms..Ridge Road..both moved forward
6:50-7:25  Next meeting April 16
7:25-8:27  Temple Shalom..exterior alteration…moved forward
1:00-2:00  State budget
2:00-5:00  Taxes/tolls on highways
5:00-6:35  Lower Capital Project Bonding levels, the so-called “Debt Diet”