Stay Up to Date and Tune in to WGCH News Talk: Week of April 15th

:25-1:40  River Road development (first application under new water
front business zone regulation)  left open
1:40-2:55  Parker Stacy special permit Resident Medical Professional
Office at 1 Kinsman Lane   left open
2:55-3:15  Brunswick School  King Street campus  approved
3:15-4:05  16 Lakeview Drive  Open Space violation on Mianus River   left open
4:05-4:10  Round Hill Road  moved forward
4:10-4:30 — 204 Otter Rock Drive  controversial left open
4:30-4:45  Apple Store
4:45-4:55 Deer Park Meadow Drive  approved
4:55-6:00  Next Meeting April 30
6:00-7:55  POCD..Katie to speak before Greenwich Chamber on May 21