There are a variety issues proposed, promulgated, and regulated at the state and local levels that affect the real estate industry. These issues include real estate transfer taxes, water rights, foreclosures, zoning ordinances, impact fees, and open space requirements.

The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) has developed several resources and programs for Realtors and associations to learn about and review issues that may affect their local jurisdictions and/or states, and to support any real estate interests that may be affected by these issues.

Hot Topics

Hot Topic Alerts are occasional reports authored by NAR that highlight important trending real estate issues in state legislatures. The reports provide a concise summary of information on a topic that has generated attention over the past six to twelve months. Hot Topic Alerts will include advocacy efforts of local REALTOR® associations.

Some recent Hot Topic Alerts include:

You may subscribe to receive Hot Topic Alerts by email or view them all at the Realtor Action Center.

State Issues Tracker

Log in with your NAR member credentials to get analyses of core state laws affecting real estate. Each analysis includes an executive summary, frequently asked questions on the issue, and the law in each state.

Calls for Action and Awareness

When Congress is considering legislation that affects the real estate industry, NAR calls on its members to act. Simply by contacting your Member of Congress through an e-mail or a phone call, you can ensure that your business remains strong. NAR members join together and speak with one loud, powerful voice.