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Our Team

Photo of Jane Owen Brash
Jane Owen Brash
REALTOR® Salesperson
(203) 952-9249
Photo of Laura Calabrese
Laura Calabrese
REALTOR® Salesperson
(203) 536-8523
Photo of Susan Calabrese
Susan Calabrese
(203) 912-8308
Photo of Patricia Cameron
Patricia Cameron
REALTOR® Salesperson
(203) 962-7627
Photo of Anita Carey
Anita Carey
REALTOR® Salesperson
(203) 461-1873
Photo of Jackie Chamandy
Jackie Chamandy
REALTOR® Salesperson
(203) 561-0079
Photo of Stephen Clark
Stephen Clark
(203) 637-133
Photo of Trish Clark
Trish Clark
REALTOR® Salesperson
(203) 273-4214
Photo of C. Jean Dana
C. Jean Dana
REALTOR® Salesperson
(203) 918-8666
Photo of Cynthia De Riemer
Cynthia De Riemer
REALTOR® Salesperson
(203) 918-1523
Photo of Margaret Dietz
Margaret Dietz
REALTOR® Salesperson
(203) 253-3243
Photo of Diane Dutcher
Diane Dutcher
(203) 249-2491
Photo of Russ Dutcher
Russ Dutcher
REALTOR® Salesperson
(203) 570-3527
Photo of Shanna Fischer
Shanna Fischer
(917) 834-0628
Photo of Cristy Fraser
Cristy Fraser
REALTOR® Salesperson
(203) 912-5992
Photo of Nora Giovati
Nora Giovati
(203) 940-3123
Photo of Sheila Goggin
Sheila Goggin
REALTOR® Salesperson
(203) 832-3654
Photo of Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson
REALTOR® Salesperson
(203) 253-7412
Photo of Michelle Luksic
Michelle Luksic
REALTOR® Salesperson
(203) 979-6407
Photo of Erin Murphy
Erin Murphy
REALTOR® Salesperson
(646) 262-8554
Photo of Sally Parris
Sally Parris
REALTOR® Salesperson
(203) 722-5023
Photo of Juliana Mendes Napol Serrao
Juliana Mendes Napol Serrao
REALTOR® Salesperson
(203) 278-2400
Photo of Joan Suter
Joan Suter
REALTOR® Salesperson
(203) 918-0115
Photo of Diana Whyte
Diana Whyte
REALTOR® Salesperson
(203) 570-6125
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